Ever feel the fear of a client request for a hair transformation? Fear not, Jaye and Kaine are no strangers in creating transformative hair. Get involved and learn to adapt to the cool, calm, collected nature these two have when they’re taking on a transformation in the chair.

The task at hand doesn’t always have to be complicated to give your client the “wow “factor they’re after. 

Amongst creating amazing hair, both artists will take a deep dive into content creation. They’re here to give you a head start, generously sharing the lessons they’ve learned along the way:

  • Creating and following a brief
  • 1 model, 10 pieces of content 
  • How to edit a video
  • How and why to add voice overs
  • THE apps to use

And just in case you find yourself caught up in all the excitement, fear not – we’ll send you home with a handy booklet summarising all the insights shared, ensuring you can refer back to them at your convenience.



  • Creating seamless colour
  • Lightening for impact 
  • Fail safe placement 
  • Shades for öld money” colour
  • Lowlighting for dimension
  • Tip out know how- Why? Where ? When? 


  • Finishing and finessing for content
  • APPs to use 
  • Creating & following a brief
  • Editing videos and adding voice overs
  • Maximising content from 1 model
  • Social savvy – content, insights and growth



With 8 thriving salons, 1 killer haircare brand, a cult social media following and an internationally recognised team of educators, Jaye Edwards reps a new breed of entrepreneur, with a razor sharp view on the industry and how to make it work in 2021.

Pioneering the EdwardsAndCo movement, Jaye’s signature future proof colours and seamless blends inspired a generation of rich-girl hair, saturating instagram feeds all over the world.

Each of Jaye’s 8 salons house Australia’s most refined hair stylists and makeup artists. Famous for sparkling brunettes, killer curls, creamy blondes and textured beach waves, Jaye and his team have developed a signature look that is synonymous with the E+Co brand, garnering an enviable international following.


Introducing Kaine Vakai: A Visionary in Hair Artistry and Education Meet Kaine Vakai, a trailblazer in the world of hair artistry and education. His journey began at the age of 23 when he fearlessly opened his first salon with just 6 chairs, using his and Ayden’s savings. Fast forward to today, Kaine’s relentless dedication has led him to create an empire with a flourishing salon boasting 16 chairs and a team of 14 talented individuals. Navigating challenges with resilience, Kaine expanded his business even during the trying times of Covid, showcasing his unwavering commitment. His impact reverberates through the 60+ classes he’s conducted in under 24 months, a testament to his passion for sharing knowledge. A proud ambassador of Natalie Anne Haircare and an international Redken Creative Artist, he’s cemented his presence as a force to be reckoned with. Kaine’s influence has crossed borders, as he ventured to Florida to teach his first class in the USA, connecting with some of the industry’s brightest minds. His collaborations with top educators in Australia further underscore his position as a leader. His remarkable has just begun, as Kaine continues to evolve. His participation in fashion weeks, the acquisition of a home amidst the pandemic, and the upcoming launch of online education with a staggering 900-person waitlist highlight his pioneering spirit. With an online presence boasting over 300,000 followers, Kaine’s ability to infuse humor into his content, coupled with his hair expertise, captivates audiences worldwide. Beyond the virtual realm, he’s contributing to innovative projects that promise to reshape the hairdressing landscape, making it more efficient and exciting. As a member of a supportive hair family and the backing of a loving extended family, Kaine’s achievements are celebrated collectively. His success isn’t just measured in numbers; it’s a reflection of his authenticity, determination, and passion for uplifting the hairdressing community. So, keep an eye out for Kaine Vakai as he continues to redefine the art of hair, one vibrant strand at a time.

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